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About Us

Beyond the Rainbow

Beyond the Rainbow (BtR) is a community-based group of LGBTQ+ and allied community members dedicated to serving the needs of Darke County’s LGBTQ+ community. BtR is a cultural community group sponsored by  DCMC – Center for Universal Artisans and Humanities, a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization in Darke County, OH dedicated improving the quality of life for the people of Darke County and surrounding areas by providing opportunities for artistic and cultural expression. 

Mission & Purpose

To create a Darke County fully inclusive of LGBTQ+ citizens and allies by promoting a sense of community, proving resources and support, advocating for LGBTQ+ interests, and putting on Darke County Pride.



    • Transparent, open, honest communication without fear of retribution for thoughts and feelings is a cornerstone to a healthy environment and organization
    • Mutual respect and consideration are important for LGBT people and allies within our organization
    • We believe creating and fostering an environment of open-mindedness and listening without judgment is essential to our mission.



    • Assuming positive intent
    • Mutual consideration of individual and personal boundaries
    • Being mindful of time and space for appropriate conversations, and respect for meetings, planning and togetherness
    • A commitment to being considerate of humanity’s varying physical, mental and emotional abilities
    • Non-assumption of sexual orientation or gender identity



    • Family – The concept of family is important to the LGBT and allied community, including the willingness to make compromises, forgive and provide space for respectful disagreements.
    • Inclusivity – The mutual respect and acceptance of diverse backgrounds and beliefs.
    • Healthy Communication – We believe healthy communication leads to positive growth and change.
    • A Welcoming Environment – We welcome all LGBT members and allies and strive to create an environment where people are free to be themselves, and are welcomed for who they are as they are.



Beyond the Rainbow is led by an organizing committee. BtR supporters are always welcome to attend and join the committee. Contact us to learn more. 

    • Organizing Committee Chair
      Scott Snyder